Hiroshige II (1826-1869) and Toyokuni III... - Lot 158 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés

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Hiroshige II (1826-1869) and Toyokuni III... - Lot 158 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
Hiroshige II (1826-1869) and Toyokuni III (1786-1865) Kannon Reigenki Hyaku Ban Mokuroku The miracles of the goddess Kannon Index of one hundred pilgrimage sites. This series illustrates the miracles performed by the goddess Kannon. Accordion-mounted album comprising 68 prints, including the series' presentation page with the titles of the individual prints. The series is normally divided into three parts: thirty-three prints for the western provinces (Saigoku), thirty-three for the eastern provinces (Bandô) and thirty-four for the central provinces (Chichibu). Here, the album groups together the 33 Western provinces and the 34 Central provinces. Each print is decorated with a scene with characters, text and signed Kunisada or Toyokuni, while the upper part features a landscape inserted in a trompe-l'œil frame. Signed Hiroshige II. Various date seals in the margins - year of the horse 12th month (1858) or of the goat 2nd month (1859). Signatures: Toyokuni and Hiroshige II. Publisher Yamadaya Shojiro. Censor sealAratame in the margin, within the date seal. Format oban tate-e: 36.5 x 24.5 cm Beautiful, freshly colored proofs, some micaceous. A tear on the first page, the leaf of which is folded. Wooden cover damaged and damp stains on beginning and end pages.
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