General terms and conditions - Auctions


In accordance with the law, the auctioneer is responsible for the information provided by his catalogues.
A preliminary exposure making it possible to the purchasers to realize the state of the objects put on sale, no complaint will be allowed once the price is pronounced.
Dimensions and estimates are communicated as an indication.
The state of the frameworks is not guaranteed, restorations and relining are regarded as conservation measures and not as factors of depreciation.


It is advised to purchasers to carry out the removal of their lots as soon as possible in order to avoid storage and handling charges.
Storage is not of the responsibility of the auctioneer.

The highest and last bid will be the winning bid. In the event of double bidding, the lot will be given on sale, all the amateurs present being able to contribute to this second invitation to tender.

Sales are made on no credit basis.
Charges and taxes:
27 % (Frais : 22,50 %, TVA : 4,50 %)
for books:
23,74 % (22,50%, VAT: 7 % = 1,24 %)


In the event of a sale by a salesman fixed with the margin, VAT will not appear on the invoice.


The auctioneer and the expert can execute purchase orders without additional expenses.
The order of the catalogue will follow. If a purchaser wishes to bid by telephone, it is advisable to make the request in writing accompanied by a statement of identity.

In the event of payment by check by the purchaser, the transfer of property of the object will take place only after cashing of the check. In the event of payment by uncertified check, the withdrawal of the objects could be differed until cashing of the check.

Purchasers who do not reside in France, will be able to pick up their purchases only after payment per telex or SWIFT. In the absence of payment by check or in cash, the object could be given to auction immediately or following the first opportunity.