- Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Tōto han'ei... - Lot 137 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés

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- Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Tōto han'ei... - Lot 137 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
- Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Tōto han'ei no zu Image of prosperity in the eastern capital. Theater district in Edo. Two leaves of a triptych. Date: year of the tiger, second month (Tora 2). Signed Hiroshige ga. Format oban tate-e: 34.7 x 23.2 cm (sheet with signature) and 35.2 x 23.6 cm Publisher's seal Izutsu ya. Aratame censor seal. - Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Tôto Ochanomizu/ Ochanomizu in the eastern capital (Edo) An aqueduct is at the center of the picture. It was used to supply water to the population of Edo. In the foreground, fishermen stand on the banks, and another on a pleasure boat. From the Toto Meisho series, famous places in the eastern capital. Date: circa 1833-1845. Signed Hiroshige ga. Publisher Kikakudô (red seal). Censor sealKiwame. Formatataiban yoko-e: 22 x 34 cm Framed under glass. Late proof. Bibliography: Strange, p.174. - Attributed to Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Map of the Yoshiwara district This print depicts the Yoshiwara district of Edo. The red cartouches indicate the names of the places. In the foreground, there are a few houses among flowering trees. It reads: Yoshiwara kaku, site of Yoshiwara and Niwa, garden. Part of a triptych. Unsigned. Format oban tate-e: 37.1 x 24.8 cm - Hiroshige Ando (1797-1858) Motoyama In the evening, under an uprooted pine tree supported by poles, two lumberjacks sit on a felled tree by the side of a path. They relax around a wood fire, smoking pipes. he Kisokaido Rokujukyu Tsugi no Uchi series, The sixty-nine relays of the Kiso road. This is the 33rd. Signed Hiroshige ga. Seal of the artist Ichiryusai. Publisher Kinjudo (Iseya Rihei). Format oban yoko-e: 22.4 x 35.2 cm Quite a fine print. Lined. Margins cut. Micacea in the upper part. Bibliography: Ukiyo-e Jiten, vol. I, p.277 lower middle - Ukiyo-e Taikei, vol. XV, 33 - Suzuki, Utagawa Hiroshige, The Nihon Keisai Shimbun, Tokyo 1970, 370 - The Art of Hiroshige of Tsuneo Tamba, Tokyo 1965, p.133, pl. 308 - L'estampe japonais Images du Monde flottant avec un catalog illustré de l'Ukiyo-e, Office du Livre, Fribourg, Suisse, Richard Lane, p.242, pl. 159-33 repr.- Illustrated catalog of the ukiyo-e prints in the Tokyo National Museum, Tokyo 1963, III, 3341 repr. - Catalog of the Collection of Japanese Prints, Part IV, Hiroshige and the Utagawa school, Japanese prints c. 1810-1860, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam, Amsterdam, 1984, 44 repr. The set.
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