Set including : - Shijo school Flower A flower... - Lot 115 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés

Lot 115
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Set including : - Shijo school Flower A flower... - Lot 115 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
Set including : - Shijo school Flower A flower on its stem is depicted on the right of the leaf. The date is inscribed on the left: Tempo 3, Novembre, 28, i.e. November 28, 1833. Watercolor on paper. Unidentified signature. Unidentified red seal. Size: 28 x 44 cm Creasing, soiling, traces of glue. - Three crabs Three crabs are aligned at an angle from the smallest to the largest. Watercolor on paper. Format: 28.2 x 27 cm Good condition. Small damp stains. - Banzo (late 19th century) Mountain and village A few houses stand atop a mountain. In the background, an even higher mountain dominates the scene. Ink wash on paper. Signed Banzô. Banzô red seal. Format: 21 x 18 cm Good condition. - Two crabs Two crabs are shown one above the other. In the lower right, a third, unidentified form appears... Watercolor on paper. Unsigned. Size: 28.7 x 22.2 cm Good condition. Small stains. - Bindweed branch A branch of bindweed rises upwards. A sort of black foliage, represented by a few broad brushstrokes, accompanies the drawing. Watercolor on paper. Early 20th century. Format : 33.3 x 25 cm Fairly good condition. Vertical and horizontal folds. Stains. - Persimmon A persimmon on a branch, and another on its own, on the right. Watercolor on paper. 18th/19th century. Size : 28.2 x 27.5 cm Good condition. - Chickadee on autumn branch A chickadee is perched on a stylized branch, marked with ideograms. Autumn-colored leaves are also stylized. Watercolor on paper. Unsigned. 18th century. Size : 27.2 x 23.2 cm Good condition. Small moisture stain. - Cherry branch A pretty cherry branch is facing right. Two flowers are in bloom, while the others are still in bud. Watercolor on paper. 18th century. Size : 28 x 39 cm Good condition. The whole set.
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