- Kuniteru Utagawa (1808-1876) Two young... - Lot 256 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés

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- Kuniteru Utagawa (1808-1876) Two young... - Lot 256 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
- Kuniteru Utagawa (1808-1876) Two young men playing together One is standing, holding his sword in both hands. He looks at his fellow player, measuring his leg against the height of an oiled paper lamp. Signed Kuniteru ga. Kokonotsugiri : 11.3 x 16.6 cm - Anonymous, 19th century Puppet showman A puppet showman, dressed in a green kimono, holds in his right hand articulated wooden figures at the end of a stick that appear to represent sumo wrestlers. Kokonotsugiri: 11.5 x 16.1 cm - Hirosada Gosotei (active circa 1820-1860) (?) Unclothed young man A young man dressed in a red loincloth appears to be building a lamp. He is installing the base. The large rectangular lamp that will be added to the base is behind him, lying upside down on the floor. To his left, he has thrown a towel over a blue screen. Signed Hirosada (?)a ga. Format: 12.9 x 12.7 cm - Shunsen Kashosai (1762- circa 1830) Warrior A warrior, with a spear at his feet, is depicted in a humorous way, looking out through a long sight. He is carrying tools behind him. Signed Kashosai Shunsen. Kokonotsugiri : 11.8 x 17.1 cm Stamped on reverse Au japon, F. 140 bd du Montparnasse. The whole set.
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