- Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem from the... - Lot 236 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés

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- Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem from the... - Lot 236 - Beaussant Lefèvre & Associés
- Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem from the Song period. India ink on paper. He Xiying's Drunken Song of Spring. Inscription: Gift to Professor Sunahara Moichi, July 12, 1964, Machida Hideo. 20th century. Format: 132 x 34 cm - Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem. Chinese ink. This text is signed by a woman named Yoshino Izumi. Size : 134 x 33 cm Good condition. Support slightly detached. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem, written in kanbun (classical Chinese script). With a pure and tranquil heart, you reach the essential. Format: 117 x 31.5 cm Traces of folding in the sheet and mounting. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem. Signed Nogi Maresuke. Size : 107.5 x 37.5 cm Traces of folding. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem - Kishōtenketsu (起承転結). It describes a story structure. Format: 127.5 x 31 cm Traces of folding. Moisture staining throughout. Tear at top of mount. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) 和歌 Waka poem scroll (和歌). Waka of His Majesty Emperor Meiji. Tokoshieni, tamiyasukareto, inorunaru Wagayo hô mamore iseno ookami I pray that the people may live in peace for eternity. Please protect my reign, Goddess Amaterasu. Size: 132 x 37 cm Traces of folding and damp staining on the sheet. Small tears in the mounting. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) A moralizing text, intended to inspire courage. Signed (probably) Tokuyama Keiko Format: 122.5 x 28.3 cm Traces of folding. - Kakejiku (Kakemono) Chinese poem. New Year's greeting: Nanzan jushoku ooshi, Just wish everyone a long life. Format: 131.5 x 32.5 cm Numerous traces of folding. The whole set.
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